Missouri Credit Union Association: Live Larger

The Missouri Credit Union Association, which represents and promotes credit unions in the state of Missouri, approached us with a request to create an awareness campaign to educate Missourians on the advantages of credit union membership over traditional banks. And so, we developed a campaign to do just that.

“Go Ahead, Live Larger” became the message and visual communication, based on the concept that with credit unions charging less in fees, customers would have more money for their future. TV and radio spots were created for key markets across Missouri and collateral items were designed including car wraps, displays and giveaway items. Print and digital ads were made to drive to the BankOnMOre.com website, which featured a redesign and new content to bring the campaign 360˚.

The campaign increased awareness on many fronts during the first year, with statewide ad impressions totaling over 117 million. Website visits grew by 27.7%, with a 48.6% increase in visits through digital ads. Non-core markets saw and increase of 7.1% in site visits, achieving the goal of a more statewide reach.

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