TUACA is a vanilla citrus liqueur that finds itself in all sorts of creative cocktails. To play on that creativity, we were asked to create a platform that would showcase the artistic nature of the liqueur and the people who enjoy it.

Our response was TUACA Art: A contest asking bar-goers to take the plain white cocktail napkins they’d get with their tasty TUACA beverage, and use their artistic talents to make masterpieces of them. After crafting the perfect portrait, poem or piece of art, participants could take a photo of their cocktail napkin canvas and upload it to TUACAArt.com where they’d be entered to win TUACA-themed swag and a big cash prize.

TUACAArt.com would become flooded with over 900 entries and would attract tons of positive buzz on social media. Enough so that TUACA would ask us to bring the campaign back again for 2015 with an even bigger contest. Now isn’t that a pretty picture?

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