Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier: Brand Refresh

With 350 years of experience, Bissinger’s is passionate about crafting premium chocolates and confections. And while we at Boxing Clever can’t boast nearly as long as a tradition, we were able to teach Bissinger’s a thing or two about branding when they came to us to refresh their look with a more modern and high-end style that didn’t betray their long and illustrious history.

We set to work and partnered with renowned package design company Skuzzio to deliver a bold magenta, cream and chocolate brown color palette (complete with a touch of gold trim), a gorgeous new embossed logo box with a silk pull ribbon and an updated logo that kept the company’s meaningful and iconic crest while giving it a stronger, more vibrant feel.

The results have been stellar. The new packaging is jumping off the shelves (both visually and physically) and Bissinger’s now looks just as good as it tastes.

Full Stack Stack Top Box Front Inside Logo Autumn Open Bear Claws